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Hello. I’m Angelina DeWeese, and welcome to Magic Monday. It is time to bust through all those limited beliefs, and set your soul on fire. Today’s topic is the 5 stages of change.

Now that may not be much to you yet, but when I first learned this concept, it literally changed my entire life. And so, one of the things that happen when we go to change is that we stop short. We stop short before we actually get to were we want to go.

So when you think about the 5 stages of change, lets just start here. Lets just ride it out.


So the first stage is where we think of something. So we have an idea.
And we go:” You know, I really want to do something different. I want to try this out. I want to go and create the business in network marketing. So you do that!


The second stage is where you say something. You actually and say it out loud. You say:

” I want to built a network marketing business.”

“I want to be X rank next month.”

You say what you want out loud. So all of you have done that before.


Now the 3rd stage is where you go and you built support. So you actually tell other people. So you might just go and tell your friend, tell your husband, your wife, tell your network marketing team. You actually and say what you want out loud to the world.


You built support for it. So the 4th step is the hardest one. This is a tricky one because in order to learn how to succeed at something, we actually have to fail a number of times.

Now I like to think of it a mom as to when my children are walking. You know they start to walk and then they fall down, they walk and then they fall down, and I would never say to them: “Just stand. Just go for it! You know, what’s wrong with you. Why aren’t you walking fast enough?

I mean, we would never say that, but we always say those types of things to ourselves. And so, one of the things about this fourth step is that this is where most people get stuck.

They’re actually not okay with failing. They’re not okay with not meeting the mark to what they think that is. So they go back , and they go all the way back to the first step again.

So it becomes this vicious cycle. So they constantly decide, they are never to get good at something, because they don’t stick with it long enough. Because we really need to stick with something long enough to stand by it. To see out how we can learn to succeed.


The 5th step is the magical step where you finally go through all those “quote on quote” failures, to learn how to succeed. This is where you get so good at something, that you’re literally able to dial in. You can say, if I do this amount of classes this month, it’s probable I’m going to get this outcome. Or if I have this many conversation, I’m probably going to get this outcome.

So you can almost measure your results. Now that’s a really powerful place to be. But sometime we don’t make it there, because we’re not willing to deal with those failures. We usually tend to make them about us. We think something is wrong with us, or we’re not good at it.

And I don’t know about you guys, but I quit a little to short sometimes, and if I look back at my life, I can see that that was the moment where I decided…Step #4 – I just don’t like it, so I’m going to go back and I’m going to tell myself I’m goo at something else and try that…

So I want you for a minute to step back and ask yourself: “What stage are you in?”

In your life? In a certain specific decision you have made? Are you in that step #4? Are you in that place where you’re just about 2 millimeters away from success? And if you stick with long enough, you will be able to tune in the dial of your success and it is such a magical place to be in. So we can’t wait for you to experience that, if you haven’t already.

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