Video #9 Do you suffer with Overwhelm in your Network Marketing Business?

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Do you find yourself feeling Overwhelmed in your Network Marketing Business and then you feel guilty & Frustrated?
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In todays video I want to give you some ideas on how you can overcome feeling overwhelmed and plan out your business!

Firstly you need to make a list of everything you’ve got going on right now, from the minute you get up to when you go to bed!

Kids, Family, Partner, Job, Business, Exercise, Clubs, Housework, shopping, socialising, Church, trainings, courses, books etc!!

Then using Google Planner or a weekly planner block out fixed time items like a job, family time, any appointments!

Then add in any fixed tasks for your business like webinars / team calls / parties etc!

Then break down your business remembering that money making activities should be a priority throughout the day!

If you’re posting out valuable content make sure you’re scheduling time to create this, whether it is a blog, video, facebook group etc!

Add in time for making follow ups / new connections (you may have a goal of 10 new contacts a day)

Any other posts that you do, positive quotes / affirmations etc!

Presentations / Parties / Ordering

Plan out what you’re going to learn for the week, maybe from a book, webinar, MLSP training / wake up call and teach that back as your content for the week!

Set timers for each task so you know you stay on track and turn off notifications etc during that time!

Have set times to send messages or to reply to messages, this could be in regards to your team and customers, as when you grow you wish to stay consistent.

Make she you schedule in time for a morning routine, this maybe where you need to get up earlier to meditate, visualise, gratitude, affirmations, exercise & reading!

Self-Development is KEY and it will help you control Overwhelm!

Take regular breaks and drink water!

Make sure that you make time for YOU… quite often we put us last but you need to take time out and have a nice bath, a walk, meet up with friends, go see a show, have your hair and nails done, go dancing and have fun!

This business has to work around your life! If you’re focused and plan there is no reason why you can’t have both!

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