Twitter – Tweet Jukebox – great for your Network Marketing Biz

Check out this YouTube vid for the bestMLM Recruiting Tips.

A quick ‘how to’ guide for using Tweet Jukebox for automating your tweets on Twitter!

Great for running campaigns for your Network Marketing Biz or affiliate programs

But awesome for your value posts such as Quotes – Inspirational posts – blog posts – How to posts – videos etc!

Remember to use to 20/80 rule:
20% opt in (capture page posts – anything which requires people to enter their email address etc)
80% Value (as above)

You can set up a free membership at and have 2 jukeboxes but I would recommend the paid version!

What I didn’t go into detail about on here was you can also use it for scheduled tweets – for instance if you’ve a webinar – certain campaign / affiliate promotion etc that you’re running which is over a time period you can use that function instead!

It is a really awesome tool, which does take time to set up but once done can save you a heap of time!

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Thank you for watching and I hope that you got some value :)

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