Top MLM Motivational Videos: 4 Crucial Sources for Inspiration

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MLM Motivational Videos

Hi there, Seb B. and if you are looking for MLM Motivational videos then I am gonna discuss that with you today and if you stay tuned to the end of the video I’m gonna show you exactly how you can have the mentality of a successful network marketer and apply some breakthrough concepts to help you build your business. So the best MLM Motivational video resources or people that I find that I go to, that I seek out regularly are the following:

The first one is Eric Worre, so if you haven’t heard of Eric Worre, I mean, just get yourself in gear and climb out of the rock that you have been living underneath because he is one of the most well known people in network marketing. He’s trained thousands of people; he runs a seminar every year called Network Marketing Pro. He had something thing like 8,000 people at the last one, just a few weekends ago where he does training for all network marketers in any company. It’s completely generic training, and his focus is really on getting started right and following a system to success, and he actually puts out daily videos. So definitely check out Eric Worre. I’ll put some links to all of these people’s channels in the description below so you can check them out at your own time.

Second is Ray Higdon, he does a blog pretty much every single day doing a very similar kind of thing so he does training for network marketers. He shows you how to get better at prospecting, how to talk to people offline and how to generate leads that way and then he does cover mindset as well so he has some more motivation videos on his channel and on his blog.

Third is Cesar Rodriguez, again, he covers offline marketing. He shares some great stuff on his YouTube channel as well that has really helped me. He talks a lot about confidence and, you know, having the confidence to do certain things that a lot of other people perhaps wouldn’t have and he is very good at teaching that and sharing that as motivation on his channel.

The fourth one is Mike Dillard, he actually founded attraction marketing which shows you how to attract people to you instead of you having to chase people. Again, some amazing content on his YouTube channel. He has written a book which has sold thousands upon thousands of copies call Magnetic Sponsoring so I highly recommend you check out Mike as well. He is showing me how to start attracting people to me rather than me chasing people. It’s just absolutely ground breaking stuff.
So hope you enjoyed this video and if you want some more training to show you how to build your network marketing business, if you go to the link in the video description box, I’m gonna give you a free training video that will show you how the top owners in network marketing create a solid six figure, residual, walk away income which is what we are all after. We are gonna show you exactly what they are doing and how they do it so you can use that for your business as well and start achieving the results that you know you deserve.

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