Time Management explained in Hindi -Motivational Video-10

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In this motivational video – I have shared the value of time management in improving the overall productivity . The concept of time management has been explained in a very simple Hindi but its indpeth. The difference between -having no goal . I have explained the concept , with my own personal real life experience . please listen and share the video with others and in case you have any questions – email me .
This is a motivational video for success in Hindi is a part of many other videos , uploaded by me , . Success mantra of the this motivational video is how our goals plays a part in transforming our life.This Please listen and share , success mantras , if you like it .then read my books as well 1)Success is a State of Mind 2) Softwares of Positive thinking 3)The Game called Life. These are self help , motivational books , written by me . Motivational videos uplift the mood . try these mantra of success –
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There are many people -who have asked me this question that
Am I a motivational speaker ?
answer is no , I am not a motivational speaker . There are many good motivational speakers in India . I have gone through the seminars of motivational speakers in India and strongly suggest that you attend such motivational seminars . I have attended many motivational seminars and read many motivational books . I am a fan of Shiv Khera and did attend his 3day workshop -blue print for success . Similarly I am impressed with Sandeep Maheswari also .I am neither a motivational speaker nor I have any intention to do that . I just want to use the platform of YouTube to spread motivational message , success mantra using this channel -Motivational videos in Hindi . This Book is available online on Flipkart – http://www.flipkart.com/search-books?query=softwares+of+positive+thinking&from=all&searchGroup=all&autosuggest%5Bas%5D=off&autosuggest%5Bas-submittype%5D=default-search&autosuggest%5Bas-grouprank%5D=0&autosuggest%5Bas-overallrank%5D=0&autosuggest%5Borig-query%5D=&autosuggest%5Bas-shown%5D=off&selmitem=All+Categories&otracker=start&vertical=all&_l=kHKbQQIaxhdVidRxlMIbvQ–&_r=RsuiHvNUWzIGQmMYN5OGLg–&ref=f919fdbe-3e4b-4f1a-918e-bbe4b73709bf
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