The Truth about Network Marketing (MLM)

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—SUMMARY: The Truth about Network Marketing (MLM)—

Just mention the term “Network Marketing”…

…and watch how fast people run away from you.

(You’re still with me here?)

Most have a negative association (or experience) with the industry. Why?

Well… Because many reasons.

And, recently, Gary Vaynerchuk (CEO of VaynerMedia) rubbed salt into the wound by sharing his opinion on multi-level marketing (MLM) in a live Q&A on Facebook.

One week later, one of the leading network marketing experts, Eric Worre, went live on Facebook too—in order to “educate” Gary on the profession.

To me, it’s extremely amusing.

Why? Because I don’t agree with most of their stuff.

Plus, seeing all these brainwashed network marketing guys (who don’t make a dime at all, and should finally start hustling if they believe so strongly in their ‘biz opp’) wasting their time in the Facebook comments putting in their two cents. Hilarious!

But don’t get me wrong. I’ve been in the direct sales industry myself for a full solid year. I’ve worked both offline and online, and even made a little money. This industry is legit. However, it has a LOT of downsides…

…For more, watch the video above.


1.) Network marketing is a legal way of making a living, even a fortune by getting paid based on your own AND your team’s sales performance.

2.) 4 Common MLM Myths: (1) No business, (2) no pyramid scheme, (3) no school for entrepreneurship, (4) no get-rich-quick.

3.) There are Alternatives (with low-cost entry): Any kind of online or Internet-based business, be an investor/inventor/author/musician/start a YouTube channel/found a education company that hosts seminars, retreats, etc…the choice is YOURS.

4.) 7 Reasons Why MLM Is (Not) For You (Watch the video again!).

5.) How to Succeed: Brand yourself, differentiate yourself, promote/market yourself, become a leader, focus on giving, be of service, add value, be consistent, keep on going, master the essential skills.

6.) Recommended Reading: 10+ books you must read starting today.

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