Tee Show On Jack ma quotes sales – Jack Ma Quotes Sales Value Based Selling

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It all began with an intention! An intention to help business owners, freelancers, network marketers, internet marketers or wantrepreneurs! Our main intentions were always to help grow their businesses & achieve their business goals, using the internet marketing skills like search engine optimization, social media marketing, video content and many more…

So, in 2015 December, we kick-started this Mastermind group! There were only 10 of us, who came from different background. People with different type and nature of businesses. Our main focus was to help them grow their businesses, sharing what we know and imparting our skills and experience. There were no holding back. We shared what we knew. And we shared till positive changes took place! Well, the funny thing that I discovered was, when we really place our effort and heart into helping others to grow and achieve results in their businesses, they, in return are happy to share the value that they are receiving. The word of mouth and referral of the value that this family could offer their friends spread like wild fire. This is how our family grew!

Seriously, this reminds me of what my great business friend once shared with me on the REAL meaning of Branding. He said :” Branding is not about how great you market yourself or the media awareness that you create on how luxurious or awesome your brand is… the REAL Branding is always about what people SAY about You, FEEL about you, and how they APPRECIATE you so much, that you become the essential part of their business journey and life journey.” And yes, it is with great pride and awesome feeling that today, I am able to share with people how big our family has grown!

With just 10 people, we have now grown to be 100 over members in just Singapore alone! Our membership have even sprouted into Malaysia and is expected to grow even further. And best of all… 90% of this growth are mainly from word of mouth and referral from our members, our Family Members of Mastermind. No media, no paid advertisements! That is what really set us apart from most of the community out there! Yes, Mastermind continues to grow & Yes, Mastermind is going to rock your world!

Tee Show On Jack ma quotes sales

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