SILVER and GOLD Robert Kiyosaki Recommends Every Network Marketer Accumulate This A.S.A.P

Check out this YouTube vid for the bestMLM Recruiting Tips.
Washington refuses to learn from history, and is intent on on following it’s suicidal path to its end. Of course, we can try to do what we can to stop them. I raise my voice in protest. I write my congressmen. But If I can’t stop them, I’m going to make damn sure that I have protected myself from the politicians’ stupidity, but also have capitalized on it. Because every dollar wasted & every new dollar printed expands the global supply of every type of currency except for two. Gold and silver are the only currencies they CAN’T print!!!

I respect Robert Kiyosaki tremendously. As a matter of fact, I don’t know of any serious network marketer whohasn’t at least read his book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” or heard a tonof quotes and references to it…
His business acumen is second to none and his success speaks for itself…So when asked what we should do to rebound from the recession andcombat inflation, I was shocked to hear his answer…He said, “we should do what the Chinese are doing…we should buy
COMMODITIES.”He rattled off a bunch of them, but then he spent a lot of focused time on silver in particular…You can watch the video for yourself here…
Here’s what’s interesting about this video, no network marketing company is positioned to offer commodities as asolution to the recession…They are all offering CONSUMABLES that deplete our supply of money…

Oops, I made a mistake…There is actually ONE network marketing company that qualifies asa solution under the umbrella that Kiyosaki talks about…One company that is over in the business of commodities in the form of gold and silver coin assets…I tell you honestly, I’d rather follow the advise of a respectedmulti-millionaire who endorses network marketing AND the accumulationof assets…For the first time ever there is a legitmate marriage of the two and I have the direct access to plug you in…Hook up with me at so I can expose you to a 0 billion dollar business model around the gold
and silver numismatic coin business…It’s not an investment club; it’s a business for marketing money. If you’re going to market anything, why not market money? I hate to overstate the obvious, {! but marketing money has got to be the no-brainer of 2010 !REGISTER NOW:
I’ll see you on the webinar.

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