Positive Attitude Quotes

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Positive Attitude Quotes

Are you struggling and struggling and struggling to be successful? Do you find yourself looking at other network marketers and their success and wondering how they got to that point? Stop wondering because Drew has the answer.


So, focus on this: we all have this whiteboard full of prosperity and abundance and in the middle of that whiteboard is a tiny black dot. This dot represents the struggles and challenges we must overcome in order to receive all of this abundance. Now, most of us will walk up to that whiteboard and stare at that TINY black dot and, therefore, close ourselves off to the prosperity that surrounds us. This is a quality of NEGATIVE thinkers. You want to be a POSITIVE thinker.

POSITIVE thinkers focus on the expansion. They see the what, now the how. If you are struggling with this consider the first quote from John Maxwell: “Nothing changes until you change. Everything changes once you change”. In order to accept the abundance that is in your future, you must change your way of thinking from negative to positive. STOP looking at that TINY black dot of obstacles and START looking at that GIANT whiteboard of abundance.

Now, who do we know who has acquired mounds of abundance in their life? Drew brings Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest professional boxers in the history of boxing, into our attention with two of his great quotes: “Don’t count the days. Make the days count” and “I don’t start counting my sit ups until they start to hurt”. WOW that sure changes the workout, doesn’t it?! There is no need to focus on meaningless numbers; focus on the product that you can create in those numberless days.

For one of the last quotes, Drew throws in his personal two cents by saying, “Magic happens when what you want, what you do, and what you say is all in alignment”. When you keep these three things in congruency, there can be no stopping you. ALL of your energy is FOCUSED in one direction, causing you and your force to explode into an unstoppable entity of success.

Are you still wondering why you are struggling and struggling and struggling? Didn’t think so! Now put on your positive attitude cap and go CHANGE your life.

Comment below with some of your own favorite positive attitude quotes!!!

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Positive Attitude Quotes

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