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00:15 Introduction
01:00 The Fear Factor of hearing the word “no.”
01:12 Go For No by Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz
01:30 It’s not a good thing to always get a “yes” in Network Marketing
03:00 I want people who “get it”
04:20 Become Stronger, More Powerful and More Excited.

How Well Do You Handle Rejection?

How well do you handle rejection? Most people do not handle it well at all. For those of us in Network Marketing we often see a “no” as rejection though I firmly believe that’s the worst possible way to look at a “no.” As you are sharing your opportunity and your products you are looking for people who it is a good fit for. So if someone tells you no, that’s not rejection, that’s a success because you have not done a mismatch by signing up the wrong person into your opportunity. We tend to take a “No” as something personal when in reality it’s far from personal. I am looking for the RIGHT people to join, not someone I have to convince to join my business. But how did I develop this way of looking at this “failure.”

One of the most powerful mindset books I’ve read was a quick read called “Go For No” by Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz and it totally shaped the way I looked at the word “no” or “I’m not interested” or “it’s not for me.” I had been in sales for 24 years and the “rejection” never really bothered me, but it certainly never empowered me either. This book altered the way I viewed “no” and begin to make me stronger and more excited with each “no” I received.

Improving Your Mindset network marketing tip read go for no

One of the best quotes I’ve heard lately was one that’s pretty simple: “In order to see change, you have to change.” To me, that means I have to change the way that I see things, the way I react and the actions that I take. Learning how to view “no” as a positive has been incredibly energizing. I’ve always been one to see the bright side and positive side of things, but “Go For No” allowed me to do this on an entirely different level!

I decided earlier today that I would read this book again. I’ll keep reading it until picking up the phone and going for no is second nature and a desired action. I know in order to succeed in network marketing you constantly have to be in front of people and constantly talk to people. This book helped me to see that every single conversation is one of value and comes with positive results.

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