Network Marketing Online Branding Tips

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Network Marketing Online Branding Tips

Do you want to create a brand that screams credibility, professional, expert and success? I’m always honored to receive so many compliments about the brand and image I’ve created through social media. Helping others create the brand and image that attracts their target market is something that is important to me.

In today’s video I share a few tips about creating your online brand and image. But before you can create that image, you have to determine who is is you want to attract and the brand you wish to create. While branding is often thought of as your color scheme or logo, I think of branding as a holistic approach – when people think of you, what do they think.

My desire is to be one who provides tons of help, value, tips, leadership and an experienced trainer. In order to accomplish this goal, I have to provide a ton of help, value, tips, leadership and training. ….yes, it’s pretty obvious when you think of it that way, isn’t it :)

Posting With A Purpose
In today’s video I mention that I like to think of my post in categories. I break down all of my posts into specific categories and always post with a purpose. When you do that, you can protect your posts from being negative, random, useless and non-serving.

In the video I mentioned a couple of the categories that I use. Below you will find a full listing of the categories I use.

Social Media Posting Categories

Daily Affirmations
Inspirational Quotes
Promote Blog Post
Other People’s Content
Promote Podcast
Promote Old Webinars
Tips & Thoughts

Each post within each category must fill the criteria to either Inspire, Educate, Create Curiosity, Entertain, Engage or Promote.

Posting with a purpose means that each post must benefit or speak to your target market / audience in some form or fashion.

Lifestyle Posts
It doesn’t matter which network marketing company you are a part of, in some way you are promoting a lifestyle and a hope for a better tomorrow. Make certain that you post lifestyle pictures that speak to that lifestyle, inspires to that lifestyle, demonstrates that lifestyle or shares how you or others are living it. Creating curiosity is one of the best ways to get your audience to reach out to you!

Below find a posting map that you are free to use, share, pin and distribute that will help you as you determine what to post and how often to post it.

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