MLM Motivation For Team Duplication

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MLM Motivation For Team Duplication

Do you know how to provide MLM motivation for your team? How do you get them to do the things you wish they would do?

In today’s video, I explain how to get your team members to do the things you want them to do. How to get them to do the things that will help them grow their businesses, and yours…

Note: This video is not about general network marketing motivation such as motivational quotes for network marketing or network marketing motivational videos…

Firstly, let’s think… What is this industry? The network marketing industry is a leadership oriented industry, that focuses on duplication. You’ve probably heard the word “duplicatable” or “duplicable” thrown around a lot, (for the record, I think it’s “duplicatable”) and it’s very monkey see, monkey do. This is why you see a lot of the people who have incredible success are action takers.

The best MLM motivation you can give your team, is to do the things that you wish they would do.

So if you want your team to start talking to more people, you’ve gotta talk to more people. Because it’s duplication, people are gonna look at you, see what you’re doing, and then they’re gonna do it.

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