Jim Rohn Seminar – Important Keys in Building Your Own Business – Jim Rohn Speech

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Jim Rohn tell the story about Mark Hughes and share his Important Keys in Building Business .
Jim Rohn’s Seminar shared his wisdom and his personal development philosophy. This is small part of his lesson about ” Build Your Business”.

Jim Rohn prepares us to be more valuable tomorrow than we are today. You have the power to make others see you as an influential leader. Rely on yourself and take Jim’s words of wisdom to build you a better life and in business.

Jim Rohn’s book Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle, published in 1991, describes what he considered the five components of success:
Philosophy – how you think.
Attitude – how you feel.
Action – what you do.
Results – measure often to see if you are making progress.
Lifestyle – the kind of life you can make for yourself out of the first four pieces.
Here is a list of Jim Rohn Books, you should by and read them every day.
Jim Rohn -The Art of Exceptional Living
Jim Rohn -My Philosophy For Successful Living
Jim Rohn -The Treasury of Quotes
Jim Rohn -Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle
Jim Rohn -Building Your Network Marketing Business
Jim Rohn -Leading an Inspired Life
Jim Rohn -The Challenge to Succeed.

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