Instagram Marketing For Business 2016

Check out this YouTube vid for the bestMLM Recruiting Tips.

Instagram is a brilliant platform for marketing your business. With over 300 million active users, Instagram marketing has become vital for modern businesses and their growth, survival and brand awareness.

In this video I share with you my 5 HUGELY IMPORTANT factors for Instagram marketing success.

Instagram marketing is not about posting quotes, it’s not about posting product pictures. It’s about having a strategy for posting, engaging and driving traffic to your website.

Instagram happens to be my favourite social network to use and is something I use every day for Live And Social. When I train clients and speak to colleagues we regularly speak about how to squeeze more traffic from our Instagram marketing efforts, and I share these tips in this video.

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My story is I became an Apprentice at a marketing agency, Live And Social aged 17. After one year at the company I became a permanent member of the team, now at 19 years of age I am Content & Community Manager. This means I manage our social media channels, blog and do some of the same work for clients. I also train clients, run webinars, create content and measure the success and failure of our own and clients’ efforts each month.

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