Dream Stealers in Network Marketing And in Life!

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Truth/Enemy #4- Dream Stealers Network Marketing And in LIFE!

The 4 Truths or “Enemies: of Network Marketing: (NOTE: When I say enemies, I’m not referring to things you want to stay away from at all. In fact, these truths only become enemies because people TRY to avoid them instead of embracing them)

1. Dealing With Rejection in Network Marketing
2. Attrition
3. Deception
4. Dream Stealers

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The fourth truth/enemy of network marketing is:

Dream Stealers in Network Marketing And in Life! – They’re Everywhere…

I filmed this video on the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro! A dream come true for me and really, a lot of other people. And the truth is, if I’d have listened to any of the dream stealers in network marketing or in life really, I would not be recording this video from the summit of the tallest free standing mountain in the world!

It’s tough enough on your own. It’s hard enough to not quit in those times of struggle. Sometimes it’s a challenge all by itself to not become your own dream stealer in network marketing!

But the cold and hard reality that hurts you is, sometimes those dream stealers in network marketing are people that you love and care about. Sometimes the dream stealers in network marketing are people that you respect and even admire.


When a dream stealer in network marketing or in life tells you that “those things don’t work” or they belittle you or laugh at you or even just tell you that you can’t do it, what you have to do is this.

Realize that no one can measure your heart. No one can measure what you really want to get out of life.

And there will be some times when you may have to set some of those dream stealers in network marketing straight!

And when you do, I want you to remember this quote. Tweet it out, put it on Facebook:

“People will respect you to the degree that you respect yourself…”

So if you allow someone to be a dream stealer in any part of your life, then you deserve to have your dream stolen. You gotta set them straight, you gotta fight for what you want!

And if it’s someone close to you, just tell them, “Listen, all I’m asking you to do is allow me to go after my dreams without being an obstacle because, I want to see what I’m made of!”

Because you deserve to be with someone and surrounded be people who support you and your dreams.

And the dream stealers in network marketing, their not the real dream stealers at all. The truth is this:

The only person who can steal your dreams is you! But if you fail to embrace that truth, it turns into an enemy because it puts you in the victim role and no one ever had or ever will win at life while playing the victim…

There’s a quote I want to end this with that fits perfectly for what I want for you. I’m not sure who said it but…

“Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting… WOW… what a ride!”

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