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Our Digital Insurance Marketing is a proven strategy we utilize in the independent insurance agency of Pathway Insurance in Cincinnati Ohio.

The biggest advantage our company offers compared to our competitors is our real world experience in the insurance industry selling, servicing, developing and implementing tangible insurance marketing strategies we use in our agency every day.

We completely understand the challenges you face as insurance professionals. We are the only insurance marketing company in existence (that we are aware of) offering a complete online and social media marketing solution to help your agency dominate over other insurance agency competitors with performance guarantees.

The founder of The WIN Group has developed over the last six years the most powerful and cost-effective digital insurance marketing strategy among all competitors offering digital insurance websites.

Why do we claim our systems are superior to our competitors? The digital insurance marketing strategy we implement in our marketing territory for Pathway Insurance outranks and dominates all other insurance agencies that purchased systems from insurance marketing competitors offering digital insurance marketing website systems. The founder of the WIN Group owns Pathway Insurance.

Insurance marketing competitors selling digital insurance systems to agents with costs in excess of 0,000 or more are on page 2 or lower of the search engines in the selected areas Pathway Insurance markets in.

Our strategy guarantees your insurance website will be ranked on the first page of the search engines.

We can implement the exact same strategy in your insurance agency for half the price (or less) of some of the competitors offering digital insurance marketing systems with performance guarantees our competitors will never offer you!

Why do we offer such powerful guarantees? Our system works!

The first package we offer in our insurance domination marketing package comes with two custom designed websites, our automated insurance marketing software to help your agency cross sell new insurance policies to existing clients, reactivate former clients previously insured with your agency, increase retention, increase your closing ratios of new leads, and automatically market to your list of X-Dates.

Additionally this particular package comes with 4 custom videos that will promote your agency as the trusted choice for consumers shopping for insurance in your marketing territory.

There is no other insurance marketing company offering the performance guarantees, the customized online commercials for your agency, the social media integration on a done for you platform.

The digital insurance marketing system we produce for your agency truly is a turnkey system.

Other insurance marketing companies expect you to produce your own custom content, engage in your own search engine optimization, force your employees to blog and make posts on social media outlets or purchase pay per click advertising and charge you hundreds of thousands of dollars for a system you don’t even own.

Why not call us today to speak with a project manager to learn how our digital insurance marketing strategies will help your agency increase sales, and retention with a higher ROI compared to our competitors.

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