Are You Coachable? | Kimmy Tilley’s Marketing Tip’s

Check out this YouTube vid for the bestMLM Recruiting Tips. Are You Coachable? | Kimmy Tilley’s Marketing Tip’s

Are You Coachable? | Kimmy Tilley’s MLM Tips
Are you coachable? It’s important to be coachable in our industry. Many times people ask questions, we give an answer; then they come back with another question, and when asked if they did what you answered before, they say no. If a successful, honest, trustworthy leader is giving you an answer, then follow it. They will stop answering you if you don’t take action on what they said.

Are You Coachable? | MLM Tips
Many people think there’s a ‘Secret’ and keep asking questions till we reveal the secret. What we tell you is the ‘Secret’. It may not seem like it, but what we tell you is exactly what we did to get where we are. So don’t ask for ‘the secret’. Listen and learn. If you look around at the events, it’s many time the leaders and top-earners that are taking the most notes. They are continuously coachable, even once they’ve reached their goal. Once we think we know everything, then thing stop. We can never know everything about anything, there’s always a new level awareness. So look at really how coachable are you?

Are You Coachable? | MLM Tips
One thing you can do is ask yourself “Are You Coachable”? Do you take the actions and enough action to say that you would be coachable? If not, then change that if you want to be successful, and become coachable. The leaders aren’t telling you stuff just for the heck of it to waste everyone’s time. Whether you think it’s valuable or not, it probably is, of course if they are a trusted leader.

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